7 foods to improve cognitive abilities naturally

Remember the movie “Rise of the planet of the apes”? James Franco acts as Dr. William, a scientist who is trying his best to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, primarily to treat his father. Accidentally, the vaccine he was working on doesn’t work as well for humans as it does for apes and everything goes absolutely haywire when apes at their research facility develop acute cognitive abilities.

Don’t worry. All of that is fiction! In fact, so much that science hasn’t really produced anything in terms of pharmaceuticals that can reverse the degeneration or the failure of a brain.

Where there is bad news that there are no pharmaceuticals available to reverse the effects of brain degeneration, we have good news that apes aren’t going to get wiser and take over the planet; and the fact that nature has provided us with some delicious treats to maintain and preserve our brain function.

1.     Walnuts

Shaped like small brains themselves, walnuts are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which help in reversing the aging of the human brain and age related motor and cognitive defects. While they are great for reversing the brain’s age they are equally beneficial in the fight against any radical damage to the brain cells’ DNA.
The next time you’re out for grocery shopping, be sure to pick up a pack of walnuts. They taste great and work wonders for your brain. Nootropic Supplement

2.     Spinach

Popeye had it figured out all along! While he was getting ripped with muscles by eating spinach, he was also getting wiser with every dosage.

Spinach is rich with Vitamin E which is absolutely fantastic for the human brain. While Vitamin E is great for reversing the aging effects on a brain, it is equally important for increasing brain tissue and the amount of released dopamine which controls the flow of information. Apart from that, spinach also contains lutein which is great for protection against cognitive decline!

It would be great if you got yourself and your family into the habit of consuming spinach regularly. It blends perfectly with other ingredients and meats, tastes fantastic and has absolutely no downside to it.

3.      Berries

Berries are absolutely splendid when it comes to the aiding of the brain against degeneration and improving cognitive abilities. These little balls of goodness come with an abundance of vitamins and anthocyanins while preventing oxidative stress resulting in improving our cognitive abilities while reducing the risks of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

They are easily available in the market and are not very expensive. Grab on to your bag of brain power, the next time you visit your fruit market!

4.     Fish

When it comes to taste, seafood is not everyone’s thing. However, when you add the benefits of consuming fish; the game changes altogether.

The omega 3 fats found in fish, more particularly the wild salmon are an amazing tool for protecting your entire body, including your brain against inflammation. Not only that; these omega 3 fats also protect your brain cells against free radical damage.

Consuming fish on a fairly regular base will keep you protected against stroke and dementia while keeping your memory sharp and focused.

While the smell might be unpleasant to some, the benefits of consuming fish are undeniable.

5.     Carrots

We have always known that carrots are great for vision but did you know how carrots improve brain functioning as well?

Carrots contain a compound called luteolin, which decreases age related degeneration of the brain like memory loss and loss of focus, and also maintains and increases cognitive abilities.
Carrots have also been known to restore memory and decrease inflammation in the brain. No wonder Bugs Bunny always outsmarts Elmer Fudd and other foes!

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6.     Coffee and Dark Chocolate

While your favorite brand of coffee could be considered risky because of the addition of different sugars and preservatives and what not; completely organic coffee can do wonders for your brain.

A warm cup of organic coffee in the morning will wake your brain right up increase your focus and concentration. With this newly achieved alertness, you will be ready to tackle all challenges of your day as wisely as possible.

The caffeine present in Dark Chocolates has the same effect however; it is recommended that the consumption of both coffee and chocolate should be kept in check. An overdose can be a health risk as well.

7.     Coconut Oil

While it could be considered really boring compared to the other foods discussed in this article, the functionality and the benefits of coconut oil for our brain are remarkable!

It works wonders for the neurons as it provides them the much required energy. At the same time, it also reduces the production of damaging free radicals. It also provides saturated fat which is a vital nutrient for the functionality and the well-being of brain cell membranes.

All of the discussed foods are easily available and

are complete packages of brain power!

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