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Top Mistakes in the way of your Slimmer Thighs and Hips

Though, losing weight at its own is a difficult task, but what’s more difficult is to lose weight from your problem areas. Most of the people with pear-shaped bodies have definitely encountered the situation when losing weight is not working for them in achieving slimmer and leaner legs, sexier thighs and perfect butts. People with such body types lose fat from waist line, shoulders and upper part of the body, but their thighs usually give them tough time.

If you are doing tough dieting and successfully losing weight on scale, but still your thighs and hips are not changing, you should definitely read this post. In such scenarios, generally people found workout as the optimal solution to shape up thighs and hips. But, the worse nightmare is that when no matter how much workout you do, your thighs showed you stubborn behavior. To target fat loss towards thighs and hips, Slim weight Patch plus is getting quite popularity in the market these days.

Mostly, the cause of heavier thighs and hips could be your genetics that make you born with more fat cells in particular body area. Even if that is the case, you don’t need to say good-bye to your dream of having sexier thighs. If you are among those pear-shaped bodies, we will tell you the top mistakes that could be the major hurdles in achieving slimmer thighs and hips.

You are expecting too much

Unrealistic expectations and goals are what make you discouraged. Most people make this mistake of thinking that few workouts and exercising session can actually resize their thighs and hips. People think that their 2 weeks of gymming efforts will actually give them sexier thighs and leaner legs. However, it doesn’t work like that all. If you want to see really visible difference and positive changes, you need to strength-train your lower body 3 times a week for a continuous duration of 4 to 6 weeks. Forskolin Fuel Reviews

Watch out your diet

If you want to get the perfect shape of thighs, you need to first check out if your diet isn’t very thigh-friendly. To change the shape and appearance of your body, you need to attack your nutrition and strictly follow clean eating habits. Make sure that the food choice you are adding in your diet must be proteins, vegetables, fruits, or a good fat, and none other than that. If your food choice is not one of these natural nutritive options, don’t eat it. Proteins are vital components to add in your diet, as it build muscles while triggering up your metabolism, this helping you in shedding fat faster.

You are ditching the power of cardio

When it comes to reducing lower body, cardio workouts can definitely do wonders. If you are not losing your thigh fat, chances are you are not doing enough cardio. For best results, try to include your lower body training sessions at least 3 times a week and add some cardio along with that. If you are short of time for performing intense cardio workouts, try spinning, pedaling, or cycling to tone out thighs and legs muscles. Another simple alternative could be stair climbing or brisk walking on incline. Cardio workouts will spike up your heart rate and will burn more calories and fat.

You are ignoring clockwork lunges

Clockwork lunges are one of the simplest workouts that you can easily do at your home without any equipment. These lunges exercises will tone your legs, butts and thighs and help you in achieving good shape by helping you getting rid of cellulite. With natural aging, women mostly lose muscles and this particular exercise is really beneficial for making your thighs and hips muscles firm. With the regular moves of clockwork lunges, your thighs will pucker up and become well-shaped.

You are not using weights for workouts

To really change the shape of your lower body and to strengthen your muscles, you have to challenge them for tougher workout sessions. If your thighs and hips are having loose skin, it means you are using enough weights in your workout sessions. As a beginner, don’t start with too heavy weights. Instead, start off your weight training by using just your body weight. Begin the workout with 12 reps each set, but as soon as this no longer feels challenging, increase resistance during workout. To make your squats and lunges more effective, start doing them with 2 dumbbells of 8 pounds each. Later, you can increase weights by 2 pounds each week or whenever it makes you feel comfortable. Don’t put extra pressure on your muscles by using excessive weights; otherwise you will end up damaging your knee or ankle.

Choose right type of workout and exercises

The most common mistake that people make is to choose wrong types of workout. You need to pick up exercises that suit your basic body type and help you in making improvements. For example:  people with skinny legs should avoid long distance running and lower body workouts. If your thighs and hips are on heavier side, you need to include Cardio exercises in your routine as much as you can. Try to push yourself to perform cardio workouts more than 30 minutes a day. After building up your stamina, you can make this duration longer up to 90 minutes. Other than cardio workouts, you can also include squats and lunges in your workout to firm up the muscles of your thighs and hips, and make them well-shaped. Cardio along with strength training will definitely give you great thighs.

You are missing some smart ways

Keeping in view the stubborn nature of thighs and hips fat, here I want to suggest a product that can definitely help you in this regard. Slim Weight Patch Plus is the perfect product that can help you in weight loss from overall body and especially from your problem areas. The use of Slim Weight Patch Plus will help you getting your thighs and hips muscles get toned.